Sean Mccusker

     Living in the quiet town of Becket, MA, Sean McCusker has developed a kinship with
the solitude of the hilly landscape around him. Focusing this in his artwork he develops
striking surreal landscapes full of color and mystery.
     Sean’s paintings are made up of roughly thirty thin, transparent layers, each one adding
complexity. As the layers are carefully worked up the composition's forms and colors
become more contrasted, more dramatic. The translucent layers create a glowing
composition of dark shadows suspended in light.
     The meaning of each element depends on the placement and interaction it has with the
rest of the landscape. The sun and moon often stand as sentinels against the darkness. The
figures sit, silently contemplating their situation. These meanings change from painting to painting. It is left to the viewer, if they choose, to imagine themselves sitting with the figure, determining what situation it finds itself in.