Mary Carol Rudin

I like to produce work that allows viewers to come up with their own stories.  I am inspired by metaphors as well as things I witness and often use titles that are only part of my story; the rest is for the viewer to decide.

As a visual artist I love exploring materials and the ever growing number of mediums.  It is exciting to see the variety of drawings, classic oil painting, mixed media, technology, found objects, and installation art.  There is a boundless combinations of things.  And, there is an audience for everything.

o date I have worked with charcoal, pastel, oil paint, watercolor, and acrylic.  Now I am moving toward my first mixed media.  I am excited to explore the combinations of materials.  The adventurer in me cannot help but want to go to another place and find new experiences in art.  

I grew up in Southern California where I began painting.  I now live and work in New York City, as well as the Southern Berkshires.