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Leslee Carsewell

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Leslee carsewell
photographer // Mixed Medium

My artwork, be it photography, painting or collage, is an outgrowth of design problem solving, using grids as points of organization.

Creating a less structured process, informed by drawing, pasting and painting in layers, I hope to achieve more serendipity and greater intuition on the page.

In any sort of composition, be it a brochure, art on the wall, music, especially music, there is structure, anti-structure, variations on themes, rhythm and with luck, intrinsic intrigue.  Each element informs the whole, creating positive and negative space.

Breaking up space for me has a direct correlation to music. Texture, rhythm, points of emphasis and silence/white or blank space, all play their part. Both positive and negative spaces are equally important. Each contributes to the overall response.

I work with limited and simple materials in all cases. I enhance initial compositions with color, subtle but emphatic line work and texture, where appropriate. I want my pieces to feel hand made, my artist’s hand involved in each piece.

My hope is that these pieces come across as lyrical, ethereal and mysterious, each with a bit of ambiguity thrown in. With the collages, I often try to weave in something metaphorical with the images I choose to integrate into the pieces.