jennifer pazienza

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are 100s of ways to kneel and kiss the
earth. Rumi
“Handheld images arrive in nanoseconds. Super human art installations challenge
market economies. Still, I maintain an old-fashioned affair with paint. Love and
longing fuel my quest for meaning. Memory, beauty and desire shape literal and
figurative landscapes. In the liminal space between representation and abstraction, I
paint to know, to understand, to celebrate. To dissolve dualities and ease tensions.”

An accomplished academic, Dr. Jennifer Pazienza is a retired art education
professor, whose CV is filled with scholarly articles published in academic journals,
projects related to critical analysis, art education and research, awards and
accolades. Yet Jennifer creates paintings that are tangible and emotive, paintings
that invite and encourage contemplation in a chaotic world. Originally a Jersey girl
from an Italian-American family in Bloomfield, the last 25 years has seen her
painting from her beloved home and studio on Keswick Ridge in New Brunswick,
Canada where she lives with husband Gerry Clarke and their dog Mela. Since her
debut solo show in 2014 at Good Purpose Gallery in Lee, MA, Jennifer regularly
exhibits in the Berkshires and maintains a presence in The Artful Mind Magazine.
She is delighted to join the folks at The Artful Mind Gallery! Her extensive exhibition
record includes shows in Canada and the US. Her work is held in Public, Private and
Corporate Collections in Canada, the United States and Italy.