Jean germain

As a fine arts photographer, I have not yet crossed over the bridge to the digital 21 st
century. I still prefer shooting with 35mm film cameras, and do not know the difference
between Photoshop and a coffee shop.
While living in New York City, I spent many years visiting art galleries and museums,
especially the Museum of Modern Art. I was fascinated with the work of renowned
impressionists and abstract painters. Also the 19 th and 20 th century photographers were
quite innovative, creating special effects long before digitizing and Photoshop.
I was interested in how those photographers dealt with light, shadow, soft focus
abstraction and grainy images. Those led to much of my photographic style.
Artists’ styles help me to articulate what I love in nature, people, music, landscapes and
architecture. The impressionists influence is reflected in how I see through my lens
creating new images, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

I have created a variety of effects using special film and filters making out-of-focus
exposures and combining two images into a new image.

I continue to work with 35mm film because it feels raw, visceral and seems to provoke
suspending disbelief as I create images that challenge looking beyond the medium to
see something imaginary or maybe illusive.