Janet Pumphrey

Janet Pumphrey began her photography career after college with a dark room in her closet. Her favorite subjects have always been people and street photography. She also enjoys travel photography, and she strives to capture a depth of feeling about a location through its cityscapes, landscapes, and people. She finds beauty in forgotten places and objects, in vintage venues, in modern architecture and architectural features, in both beautiful people and in the neglected and downtrodden people of the streets.

While photography is an inherently representational medium, Pumphrey also moves beyond the inherent realism in traditional photography to see the world in a new and different way. She appreciates the ability to manipulate photographs through the artistic imagery available both in-camera and in post-processing, turning what was a realistic photograph into a creative, often abstract work of art.

Her photographs are currently and have been shown at the Artful Mind Gallery in Lenox, the Welles Gallery in Lenox, the Berkshire Museum, Sohn Fine Arts in Lenox, Gallery 35 in Great Barrington, and other venues in Berkshire County.