Bruce Shickmanter


Bruce Shickmanter retired in 2012 from his work as a physician practicing
endocrinology in Berkshire County for 33 years. After retirement he
decided to pursue a long-term interest in painting. He began taking
lessons in watercolor from June Ferrin.

Prior to painting, Bruce studied pottery on and off for 25 years. Working
“wet-in-wet” in watercolor offered him the same excitement and
uncertainty as putting a newly glazed pot into the kiln. He uses the texture
and matte finish of gouache to create a contrast with the transparent and
ephemeral qualities of watercolors.

In his paintings Bruce tries to use pleasing shapes along with light and
color to convey a sense of magic, mystery and movement. The scenes he
paints are often places he has come across while hiking or biking, or are
inspired by a photo that stimulates his creativity.
Bruce’s paintings have been shown at the St. Francis Gallery in Lee, MA
as well as in several group shows around Berkshire County.

Contact Information: Bruce Shickmanter

(413)446-3721 ————