Bruce Panock

At my retirement due to health, I began a more formal approach to my photography practice which had begun years earlier while I was working. Before retirement my work had taken a particular path, with study as time permitted. At retirement and after addressing my health issues (lung transplant April 15,
2014) my photographic work took a different turn. Whether due to my study or due to a different appreciation of what was around me brought on by my illness and surgery, I slowed down. I began to look at what was around me, and at me, as I tried to put more of me into each image. I tried to look at what I saw without assigning labels. I work toward creating photographs that will have an emotional
connection with the viewer. I began to look at how what I produced reflected who, or what I am. I am getting better at this, but still have a long way to travel. My work is primarily in and around Berkshire County due to limitation imposed by the transplant. Though my work is not of exotic places, I find the Berkshires and surrounding areas rich with
opportunity. I am fully engaged in a digital workflow. I print my own work and believe that the printing process is an
important part of my efforts. I select papers and textures that I believe best complement the image. My papers are various Hahnemuhle papers which are archival, except one paper by Awagami Factory, a Japanese factory which makes Japanese washi papers that have their origin more than 1000 years ago. This paper is also archival. I print on an EPSON 4900 printer, an eleven cartridge printer, using their archival inks.