Harryet Puritzman Candee  Owner // Curator

Harryet Puritzman Candee
Owner // Curator

     The Artful Mind Gallery, located at 22 Walker Street in Lenox, MA opened May 1, 2018 showcasing an enthusiastic and finely tuned professional and passionate group of seventeen artists. About her decision to bring these artists together in this particular location, Curator Harryet Puritzman Candee explains that, “if the space weren’t as beautiful and complimentary for artists’ work to be seen and swooned over, then I would never have considered taking on this very special project,” a summer gallery space in the heart of Lenox.
     The community and it’s visitors will be treated to the work of: Edward Acker, Tyler Blodgett, Marguerite Bride, Leslee Carsewell, Roselle Chartock, Linda Clayton, Ernest Kirk, Robert Forte, Kris Galli, Susan Geller, Ghetta Hirsch, Karen S. Jacobs, Michael King, Ernest Kirk, Neil Koreman, Sean McCusker, Carolyn Newberger, Bruce Panock, Jennifer Pazienza, Edward Pelkey, Janet Pumphrey, Wendy A. Rabinowitz, Mary Carol Rudin, JoAnne Spies, Janine Strong, Robert U. Taylor, Scott Taylor, and Robert Wilk.
   For 26 years Harryet, an artist in her own right, has promoted Berkshire arts and artists in The Artful Mind Magazine, her print and online publication. This summer, the creation of The Artful Mind Gallery is her way to give a gift back to artists whose work she’s admired and has been inspired by over the years and to satisfy her belief that, “seeing art face to face and not only in print, or on the internet surely brings an overwhelming amount of joy. That is why I am devoting my summer to representing art and artists to those who want to experience art directly, gallery visitors who feel art is a joyful gift that lasts a lifetime.”
     During the summer the historic town of Lenox attracts a great number of appreciative and fun-loving people from
all over the world. In the front window, throughout the interior space and in its back garden, The Artful Mind
Gallery will exhibit works in oils, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, photography, and sculpture.
     In addition to the collective stories these artists and their artworks tell, each has their own. Stories that shed light
on and invite us into states of mind and being, an appreciation and concern for nature, or a location we all know and
love, reflections on life, deep passionate and emotional thoughts, or captured random moments. Spiritual, physical,
political, ecclectic and poetic worlds will shine from these walls and in the garden, a bountiful array of art meant to
engage, challenge and educate all ages.